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Our Creational Concept

We leverage technology to provide awesome tax service online at very low cost point.

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About us

We are a Canadian startup that is trying to disturb the tax service industry.

We have the best employees & Process

We focused on helping you. We want you to focus on the other important things in your life.

Simple process create application sign the agreement we start work on your tax return  then we present results if you happy we submit it to Canada Revenue Agency otherwise you get a refund of your fees.


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Upload Documents
Pay Fees
Our team contact you either for more information or with results
Your taxes done

Response within 24 Hours


We analyse your records through a layered process to ensure quality.


Satisfaction is guaranteed

Meet our founder

Our company was founded by a young CPA that dreamed in process that ensures every person in Canada can get great tax service.

Dawit Teferi, CPA,CMA

General Manager

Have extensive experience in Accounting and Taxes that span for more than 10 years.